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Advancing Dental Care to Build a Healthier Community
Dr. Paul Gates, Chairman, Dentistry, observing Dr. Jewan Singh, Attending, Dentistry, working on patient.
Dr. Paul Gates’ vision of establishing Bronx-Lebanon’s Department of Dentistry as a leader in the field is being accomplished. This Department now has one of the largest general dental residency programs in the nation, providing more than 71,500 visits annually at six convenient locations across the Bronx.

It also offers an exceptional level of services, as well as an expert and friendly staff. Oral Health Care Providers are taking on a key role in maintaining their patients’ overall health. Dentistry has evolved from a bi-annual visit to the dentist for a cleaning and check-up to being recognized as a contributing factor reflecting an individual’s systemic health.

With dental related illness now among the most common causes of an ER visit across the nation, the Department of Dentistry’s clinical sites are prepared for urgent and nonurgent care.

These sites have the most advanced equipment, including an I-CAT imaging unit that provides high definition 3D diagnostic images for ultimate treatment efficiency; ED4- digital technology that enables the preparation of crowns at chair side, thereby saving time and cost; and the I-Tero Cadent digital impression scanner that is revolutionizing prosthetic dentistry. “Our scanner provides an extremely accurate picture eliminating the need for standard impressions,” stated Dr. Gates.
Bronx Lebanon Hospita Bronx Lebanon Hospital
Dr. Marc Brown, Director, Residency Training, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (right), performing oral surgery, assisted by Luis Hernandez, Dental Assistant. Dr. Iris Tinloy, Resident, Pediatric Dentistry, with patient.
The Department of Dentistry now has the largest general dental
residency in the nation and provides over 60,000 visits every year.
For adult patients, a wide range of services are available. Endodontic, periodontic, orthodontic, and restorative procedures, including crowns and bridges, root canals, treatment of gum disease, and dentures are provided.

The Oral and Maxillofacial surgery specialists in the department are widely acknowledged for their expertise in all types of dental surgery, from tooth extractions under IV sedation and emergency treatment of facial injuries to innovative implant procedures.

Cosmetic dentistry, including tooth whitening, bonding, and veneers is brightening patient smiles. Pediatric dentists are successfully establishing the idea of a “dental home,” beginning at age one, to treat oral health problems in children. Orthodontists are also placing aesthetically pleasing braces to ensure the best tooth alignment.

There are many treatment options available for children with complex dental problems, including oral rehabilitation under general anesthesia and conscious sedation office visits.
Bronx Lebanon Hospita Bronx Lebanon Hospital
Dr. James Ganey, Attending, Dentistry, reviewing X-ray with Milagros Mendoza, Dental Assistant. Dr. Maria Llompart, Attending, Dentistry, checking patient.
In terms of prevention, the Department of Dentistry is reaching out to schools and day care centers to teach children and their families about good oral health, with the ultimate goal of decreasing the impact of early childhood caries. Screening programs are in place at primary schools and day care centers.

Oral healthcare for non-emergent patients begins with the registration process. Registrars provide important assistance and all patients are seen, regardless of their ability to pay. Dental assistants then initiate the evaluation by obtaining vital signs (including initial pain assessment), taking radiographs, and conveying information relevant for the assessment to the dentist or dental hygienist.
Bronx Lebanon Hospita Bronx Lebanon Hospital
Dr. Oliver Sullivan, Attending, Dentistry, observing Dr. Darryl Caesar, Dental Resident, as he performs dental procedure. Dr. Denny Chern-Kelk reviewing chart of Bronx-Lebanon Special Care Center patient, as Dental Assistant and Dental Resident begin preparatory work.
Bronx-Lebanon’s General Practice, Pediatric Dental, and Orthodontic residencies are nationally recognized for their outstanding dedication to serving the underserved population. The Department is also nationally recognized for its expertise in providing training for under-represented minorities.

Securing grant funding continues to be an important part of Dr. Gates’ efforts and a source of pride for him. He is currently in the fourth year of the only Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) dental faculty development grant specifically for dental residents and attendings.
Bronx Lebanon Hospita

The Ryan White Dental Reimbursement Grant is also providing important assistance in addressing the oral health needs of patients with HIV/AIDS.

In looking to the future, Dr. Gates is continually striving to expand services in response to the growing dental needs of the Bronx community.

He takes pride in the newly expanded BronxCare at Third Avenue Dental Practice, which provides oral health services in a family practice setting, as well as relocation of the department’s main site to 1775 Grand Concourse.

This relocation will significantly expand clinical space to accommodate the increasing dental needs of the Bronx community.

Dr. Khrystyna Leskiv, Resident, Pediatric Dentistry, with patient.
“We are proud of the recognition bestowed upon our service; appreciative of the patients who entrust their oral health care to us; grateful to the support staff whose contributions cannot be understated; and proud of the residents we have trained, the faculty we have retained and the leadership maintained,” stated Dr. Gates.