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Dr Brown DrGaney
Dr. Magdy Mikhail, Chairman, Obstetrics and Gynecology, with patient. Dr. Andrej Reiss, Chief, Obstetrics, and Hilary Prager, Certified Midwife, checking fetal status of pregnant patient.
Bronx-Lebanon’s Women’s Health Center, under the leadership of Dr. Magdy Mikhail, has distinguished itself as a leader in addressing the medical needs of women, from teenagers to adults and seniors.

Its “one-stop shopping” approach offers women easy access to a wide range of general, specialized, and surgical outpatient and inpatient OB/GYN services; all in a welcoming and comfortable setting.
“Women in the Bronx can always depend on us for expert care, whether for scheduled and walk-in appointments, or in an emergency.”

Dr Brown DrGaney
Deborah J. Bohnen, Midwife, OB/GYN (left), and Karen Cabral, PCT, Women's Health Center, attending to pregnant patient. Bronx Lebanon's Birthing Spa is complete with a whirlpool delivery bath to help relieve the strain of birth.
At Bronx-Lebanon, pregnant women have all the luxuries they could want to make their birthing experience a pleasant, relaxing, and positive one. Its Birthing Spa, complete with whirlpool delivery baths (the only one in the Bronx), is relieving the strain of birth.

Less stress on pregnant mothers means an easier delivery and leads to healthy babies. A 24-hour pregnancy hotline, which provides immediate consultation, continues to be most effective in reaching out to “mothers-tobe,” and responding to their needs.

“Women in the Bronx can always depends on us for expert care, whether for scheduled and walk-in appointments, or in an emergency,” stated Dr. Mikhail.
Dr Ham DrJean-Michel
Dr. Larry Ham, Director, Gynecology, and Dr. Patrick Anderson, Chief, GYN Oncology. Dr. Marjorie Jean-Michel, Urogynecologist, and Dr. Christina Flores, Attending, OB/GYN, with patient.
The Women’s Health Center’s High Risk Obstetrics program is responding to pregnancies that pose difficult challenges. Approximately 60% of its deliveries are classified as high risk. Many are pregnant women with gestational diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, thyroid disease, and numerous other medical conditions that can complicate a pregnancy.

Teen pregnancies are among the most difficult. Doctors attribute this to their age group and not being ready to bear a child. As a result, mother and baby are at an even higher risk for a multitude of medical problems, including premature births, fetal growth retardation, and sexually transmitted diseases.

In complicated teen pregnancies, cesarean sections often become the surgical method used in the delivery process. New oral health guidelines for pregnant women are tailored to reduce the risk of gum disease in pregnancy. Gingivitis and periodontitis have been linked with prematurity and low birth weight. Pregnant mothers with periodontal disease are seven times more likely to go into premature labor.

The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology works closely with the Department of Dentistry in promoting oral health during pregnancy. The joint initiative for our pregnant patients includes oral health education and counseling, oral hygiene instructions, encouragement of the use of toothpaste with fluoride, nutritional programs, and treatment of existing tooth decay.

The goals of the high-risk pregnancy program are clear; to do whatever is medically necessary to deliver a healthy baby. Its highly skilled and experienced professionals utilize the latest state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment in patient care. The Women’s Health Center, through its Adolescent and Family Planning programs, is continuing to help teenagers understand this very adult issue.
A highly experienced and expert staff, under the direction of Dr. Patrick Anderson, a board certified gynecologic oncologist, is treating cancer problems in women. Advanced procedures for radical cancer surgery, in addition to chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and pain management are utilized in effectively treating gynecological malignancies.

The Division of Gynecology, under the direction of Dr. Larry Ham, a highly experienced specialist, is performing complex procedures, such as hysterectomy, myomectomy, and ovarian surgery, through minimally invasive laparoscopic techniques. These advanced procedures allow for a shorter hospital stay, less potential for complications, and improved patient satisfaction. Other major and minor gynecologic surgeries are performed by the gynecology team using abdominal, vaginal, and hysteroscopic techniques.
Dr Brown DrGaney
Dr. Aruna Mishra, Attending, OB/GYN, discussing procedure with patient. GYN surgery team performing operative procedure.
Advanced equipment and technology are utilized in treating women with urinary or fecal incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. Reconstructive surgical procedures are performed by a specialized staff, under the direction of Dr. Mikhail and Dr. Marjorie Jean-Michel.


Under the leadership of Dr. Genevieve Neal-Perry, innovative surgery for reproductive endocrinologic disorders and infertility is performed, including ovarian surgery and uterine reconstructive procedures, as well as tubal reanastomosis and microsurgery for infertility.
Dr Brown DrGaney
Dr. Robert Hecht, Director, Women’s Health Center/GYN Ambulatory Surgery, with patient and her son. Nicole Reid, Midwife, OB/GYN, checking on patient.
The Reproductive Genetics program focuses on education and detection of genetic disorders. Often, early knowledge of a potential problem makes treatment possible. Additionally, on a weekly basis, its staff perform amniocentesis and other testing on pregnant mothers to determine whether their unborn babies will have genetic disorders. A genetic conference is then scheduled to prepare the specialists involved in such a birth.
Dr Brown DrGaney
Dr. Rashmi Kaul, Attending, OB/GYN, examining patient. Dr. Helen Zalinyan, Attending, OB/GYN, with patient.
Dr. Aleksandr Fuks is responsible for the Advanced Obstetric Ultrasound Unit and the Maternal-Fetal Medicine Division. Detailed fetal anatomy is visualized and congenital fetal malformations are diagnosed, which allows for the appropriate management of these cases.
Saeed Oraee, M.D.

Saeed Oraee, M.D., Vice Chairman, Anesthesiology, and Director, Obstetrics Anesthesia, continues to improve the quality of care at Bronx-Lebanon by helping women give birth more comfortably and by managing his patients’ pain.

Dr. Oraee is proud of his important role in transforming the anesthesia and pain management departments at the hospital.

“Doctors noticed how peaceful the floor was when I was an obstetrics anesthesia attending physician in 1997 and realized that we could provide a better pain management program for them and their patients,” stated Dr. Oraee.

In 1999, Dr. Oraee and Dr. Magdy Mikhail, Chairman, Obstetrics Gynecology, formed a close alliance and developed the Obstetrics Anesthesia Division.

More than 2,300 women a year receive epidural procedures prior to giving birth at Bronx-Lebanon.

Saeed Oraee, M.D., Vice Chairman, Anesthesiology, and Director, Obstetrics Anesthesia
“There is no reason for people to be in pain; everything is better for our patients once they are comfortable, and that is our primary goal.”
-Dr. Saeed Oraee
Pain Management is an important specialty for Dr. Oraee. Prior to joining Bronx-Lebanon, he directed a private pain management practice in the Bronx. He also worked at Bronx-Lebanon and eventually joined the hospital’s Anesthesia Department as a full-time physician.

Dr. Oraee has worked to expand many services including an inpatient and outpatient pain management program, anesthesia for endoscopic procedures, pediatric anesthesia, and regional orthopaedic anesthesia.

Dr. Oraee, who speaks three languages fluently, was born in Iran and later traveled to Scotland where he attended grammar school while living with a host family. He earned his bachelor’s degree at Tarzana State University in California and continued on to attend medical school in the Dominican Republic.

From there, he served as an intern in General Surgery at Harlem Hospital and began his anesthesia training as a resident at Montefiore Medical Center where he was awarded the distinct honor of “Best Chief Resident of the Year.” He then continued to complete a Pain Management fellowship.

Dr. Oraee is widely acknowledged in the field of Pain Management and is featured in numerous national publications that highlight his outstanding work. He also lectures on Obstetrics Anesthesia and Pain Management throughout the tri-state area.

Looking ahead, Dr. Oraee hopes to expand the Obstetrics Anesthesiology Department by adding more outreach and educational programs for physicians, expectant mothers and other patients.

“When women can give birth without pain it takes the fear out of the entire process,” stated Dr. Oraee. He also hopes to build a to build a comprehensive pain management program to include primary care and orthopaedic physicians, mental health professionals, social workers and physical therapists. “I am especially pleased that our department has become an important resource for the medical staff for physicians, patients and the community,” stated Dr. Oraee.

When he is away from the hospital, Dr. Oraee enjoys spending time with his wife of 24 years, Dr. Parisa Oraee, who has her own pediatric practice in the Bronx. The two are medical school sweethearts who enjoy traveling.

The Oraees live in Scarsdale, New York. They have a 21-year-old son, Ardy, now attending the State University of New York at Stony Brook where he is majoring in health- care management, and a 14-year-old daughter, Sara, attending high school.