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Our certification as a Level Three Patient Centered Medical Home, the highest level by the National Center for Quality Assurance, is a further indicator of Bronx-Lebanon’s outpatient excellence. We were the first Bronx hospital to receive this designation for all outpatient practices. Our Patient Centered Medical Home was also awarded a major New York State grant of $14.3 million over three years.
  Fuentez and Staff  
  Ambulatory Care Center.  
  Our Ambulatory Care Facility will be completed in 2014, increasing total outpatient volume to more than one million visits annually, and reinforcing Bronx-Lebanon’s leadership role as “Doctor to the Community.”  
  Life Recovery Center.  
  Our Life Recovery Center will be completed in 2014. It will be one of only a few such facilities in New York State to combine inpatient, outpatient, and residential services for individuals suffering from chemical dependency.  
  Our New York State designated Health Home, in collaboration with its community partners, is responding to the needs of the Medicaid population with chronic conditions. It is providing comprehensive medical, mental health, chemical dependency, housing, and case management services to a projected 10,000 patients initially and 30,000 upon maturity.  
  Our newly established Neurosurgery Service was nationally ranked as “high performing” by U.S. News and World Report. Its skilled, experienced, and board-certified surgeons are bringing advanced brain and spine surgery to patients and responding to trauma related injuries, strokes, tumors, and back pain, among numerous other problems.  
  Emergency Room entrance at night.  
  Our ER continues to respond to all types of emergency situations, providing 135,000 visits annually, among the busiest in New York. A major ER modernization was also completed, including expanded registration and treatment areas, as well as a short stay observation area for cardiac patients.  
  Our 911 Designated Stroke Center in the ER is the recipient of the American Heart Association’s Gold Medal, a prestigious national honor.  
  Our certification as a level three Patient Centered Medical Home, the highest by the National Center for Quality Assurance (NCQA), is a further indicator of Bronx-Lebanon’s outpatient excellence. We are the only hospital in the Bronx to receive this designation for all outpatient practices.  
  Our Angioplasty Program and Hypothermia Center
are providing life saving care.
  Our Orthopaedic Team is providing specialized trauma, hand, foot, and spine care, as well as hip and knee replacements in a totally new facility. Its unique Game Day Same Day program is enabling athletes to be treated on the same day as their injury, a service seen only at the highest level of professional sports.  
  Our Department of Family Medicine is providing pre-participation physicals and evaluations to Monroe College athletes in a unique collaborative effort with the Department of Orthopaedics.  
  Our Healthy Choices partnership with Corbin Hill Food Project, a nonprofit network of farms in Upstate New York is contributing to the nutritional and total well-being of patients throughout the BronxCare Network, as well as the community. The fresh fruits and vegetables distributed offer participants the opportunity for a more healthy diet, thereby helping them better manage or prevent the many diseases that are prevalent in inner city communities, such as the Bronx (e.g. Asthma, Diabetes, Congestive Heart Failure, and Obesity).  
  Bronx-Lebanon’s Whirlpool Delivery Birthing Spa Suite.  
  Our Women’s Health Center and Birthing Spa (which offers whirlpool deliveries) are delivering the services women need in a welcoming and comfortable setting, providing 75,000 visits annually.  
  Neonatal baby in incubator.  
  Thaycha Kiana Ruiz, PCT, Neonatology, attending to neonatal patient.  
  Our Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit’s 99% survival rate in saving infants, weighing as little as one to two pounds at birth, remains among the highest in the nation.  
  Our Dentistry Department’s main site will be relocated into new and expanded facilities, with the important benefit of “39 Chairs” (a 33% increase). The Dentistry Department now provides more than 71,500 visits annually at six convenient locations across the Bronx. It has also trained more under-represented ethnic minorities than any such dental residency program in the United States.  
  Sleep Study  
  (LtoR): Dr. Angel De La Cruz, Attending, Pulmonary Medicine, and Dr. Dmitri Lvovski, Director, Center for Sleep Medicine, preparing patient for sleep study.  
  Our Center for Sleep Medicine is addressing the serious problems associated with sleep disorders.  
  Our new Inpatient Hospice Unit is providing compassionate end of life care.  
  Our Team STEPPS program is enhancing patient satisfaction, empowering employees to always put patients first, while assuring quality and safety.  
  Highbridge Woodycrest  
  Alan Okafor, RN, conferring with Special Care Center Resident.  
  Our Special Care Center and Highbridge Woodycrest Center are providing quality long-term and chronic care. These facilities offer their patients continuity of care through access to Bronx-Lebanon’s inpatient, outpatient, and specialty services.  
  Our Autism Treatment and Advocacy Center is successfully responding to the increasing incidence of Autism in the community, improving and enhancing the lives of children with autism and their families.  
  Our South Bronx Asthma Partnership received national recognition from the United States Environmental Protection Agency for its leadership in improving the lives of children with asthma.  
  Our Diaspora Initiative (through the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Health Center) is providing comprehensive medical and support services to the growing West African population.  
  Our Management Information System is nearing full implementation, including an electronic medical record. By the end of 2013, Bronx-Lebanon will be completely computerized.  
  Mobile Health Van.  
  Our HealthBeat Television Program is effectively delivering the message of health and wellness and our Mobile Health Units are reaching out to the community.  
  Our Joint Commission, Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education and American Dental Association accreditations are further confirmations of Bronx- Lebanon’s leadership position in providing high quality, comprehensive, and compassionate health care services to the community.  
  ...and our continued financial stability is indeed noteworthy in the current health care environment.