Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center

Dr. Yvonne Cruz, Medical Director, BronxCare Medical and Dental Practice at Poe, examining patient.

Dr. Yvonne Cruz, Medical Director, BronxCare Medical and Dental Practice at Poe, examining patient.


The BronxCare Network

Fulfilling an Essential Leadership Role in Promoting Health Care Excellence

Bronx-Lebanon’s service area is among the poorest in the nation, with high disease incidence rates, large minority and immigrant populations, and low socioeconomic status. In an environment where these critical social and health problems are interrelated, Bronx-Lebanon is responding to the needs of the community.

From the extensive primary care practices and subspecialty services it offers, to satellite programs in schools, senior centers, and housing projects, the hospital’s BronxCare network is fulfilling Bronx-Lebanon’s essential leadership role in Promoting Health Care Excellence. It provides more than one million outpatient visits annually, among the largest for a hospital in New York. The BronxCare Network includes Bronx-Lebanon’s Primary Care sites, the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Health Center Service Network, Mental Health Outpatient programs, and affiliated practices.

BronxCare is delivering quality medical and dental care to patients of all ages at 39 convenient locations throughout the community. Its practices offer treatment for allergies, arthritis, asthma, cancer, colds/flu, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, infections, pain management, prenatal care, sprains/fractures, and women’s health issues, in addition to dental and other medical problems. These services are provided by an expert team of general medicine, OB/GYN, pediatric, orthopaedic, ophthalmology, ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat), family medicine, mental health, dental practitioners/hygienists, and other specialists.

BronxCare is continually moving forward. Computerized kiosks are now available at its practices to provide patients with an easy check-in process and improve access to services. “myBronxCare,” an online service, is providing patients with the opportunity to have confidential access to their information.

Clinical space at the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Health Center was expanded and a Diaspora initiative is providing the medical and support services needed by the growing African community. Additionally, the Main Dentistry Practice, as well as Physical Therapy Services are now located in expanded facilities.

The completion of Bronx-Lebanon’s Health and Wellness Center in 2014 was an important milestone. This outpatient facility, and a Life Recovery Center for individuals suffering from chemical dependency (also completed in 2014), as well as numerous other health and related initiatives are enabling Bronx-Lebanon to further expand its ongoing efforts to reach out to its community.