Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center

About Nursing

Patricia Cahill, RN, Acting Vice President, Patient Care Services/Chief Nursing Officer (left), reviewing report with Patient Care managers (LtoR): Jacqueline Davis, RN; Ganiyu Shittu, RN; and Surepon Bunupuradah, RN.

Bronx-Lebanon nurses, under the leadership of Patricia Cahill, RN, MPA, Acting Vice President, Patient Care Services/Chief Nursing Officer, are totally committed to delivering the highest level of quality and compassionate nursing services for patients and their families. Nurses are actively involved in transforming care delivery programs that are designed to improve the quality and safety of patient care for inpatients and outpatients.

One of Ms. Cahill's top priorities is to firmly establish Bronx-Lebanon's nurses as among the best in the nation. At Bronx-Lebanon, compassionate care, competence, communication, and collaboration are essential components of the progressive nursing philosophy. Its nursing staff utilizes the Shared Leadership / Magnet Status standards, as the gold standard for nursing care.  

"It is the focus of Bronx-Lebanon nurses to provide expert evidence-based care using applied science during illness, while also providing individualization of care which contributes to the recovery process and maintenance of optimal health."

Patricia Cahill, RN, MPA, Acting Vice President, Patient Care Services/Chief Nursing Officer

As an integral part of the Bronx-Lebanon team, nurses are continually empowered to be actively involved in the unit based decision-making process, through the use of a shared leadership model. Their wide-ranging responsibilities include direct care, providing patient/family education, being a patient advocacy, development of policies and practice protocols, as well as directing unit resources and effectively communicating with physicians and support staff. This model is designed to support clinical nursing staff and foster ongoing development of nurses through an increase dependency on evidence and clinical experience.

Rudolph Toussaint, RN, attending to patient on Family Medicine Unit.

Bronx-Lebanon's nurses have available to them an electronic medical record, as well as advanced clinical decision support (that is evidenced-based), and an excellent medical, administrative, and support staff. In addition to advanced technology, nurses use critical thinking, evidenced-based literature review, and patient feedback to support their decision-making. Outcomes are measured with a national benchmark to ensure that nursing care is at the highest level. Bronx-Lebanon encourages its nurses to attain specialty certifications, advanced degrees, and attend continuing education conferences, all of which leads to enhanced Professional Nursing Practice and better outcomes for patients.

Goals and Objectives

  1. To formulate and maintain a skilled department staff structure to meet the changing needs of the hospital, patients, and the community.
  2. To appropriately staff patient care units.
  3. To establish standards of nursing practice, policy, procedure and quality assurance activities to achieve quality patient care, through evidence based practice.
  4. To promote and support the professional development of the nursing staff.
  5. To provide a participatory environment which fosters the interaction of nursing staff at all levels in the development of nursing care and quality improvement programs.
  6. To encourage the development of a decentralized Department of Patient Care Services.
  7. To educate, ensure, and maintain the National Patient Safety Goals.

"We want other nurses, physicians, and patients in the community to evaluate us in terms of achieving the highest patient care standards and our nurses are clearly succeeding in adapting a best practice model that supports their essential role in providing that optimum care."

Patricia Cahill, RN, MPA, Acting Vice President, Patient Care Services/Chief Nursing Officer