Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center

At left: Dr. Jeffrey Levine, Chairman, Psychiatry



Promoting Recovery

Bronx-Lebanon’s Department of Psychiatry, under the leadership of
Dr. Jeffrey Levine, Chairman, Psychiatry, offers comprehensive care for mental health and chemical dependency problems affecting adults, adolescents, and children. It accounts for more than 200,000 visits annually, and is widely recognized as a leader in the provision of community mental health services.

Ray Esteves, Assistant Vice President, Clinical Services, Psychiatry, reviewing patient chart with Clinical Supervisors, Elizabeth Rodriguez (left), and Paula Gorney.

Bronx-Lebanon’s Life Recovery Center, completed in 2014, represents an important addition to the Department of Psychiatry. Its inpatient program consists of a 20-bed detoxification and 25-bed rehabilitation unit. The wide range of outpatient services provided include detoxification and one-on-one counseling, as well as intensive and supportive group sessions, with day and evening hours. These services include treatments designed to help individuals identify substance abuse triggers and also develop the skills needed to return to a productive lifestyle. There is also a Halfway House within the Life Recovery Center that offers chemical dependency patients a stable living environment during recovery. It includes individual bedrooms with private bathrooms. Many of the Life Recovery Center patients have medical problems that must also be addressed. Physicians, nurses, and support staff provide these services at the inpatient and outpatient levels.

Demetria Nelson, LCSW, Administrative Director, Life Recovery Center,
counseling patient.

Demetria Nelson, LCSW, Administrative Director, Life Recovery Center, is taking an active role in integrating the treatment of co-occurring mental health and medical disorders into addiction treatment services. She has implemented evidence-based practices that best serve the patient population in the community, including motivational interviewing, and a counseling approach that provides individuals the opportunity to explore and engage in healthy behaviors without fear of being judged.

In the Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program (CPEP), services are provided to more than 7,000 psychiatric emergencies annually. The CPEP Mobile Crisis Team responds to an additional 1,000 emergent problems per year across the Bronx. “Our exceptional team helps people wherever and whenever they are called,” stated Nicole Miller, LCSW, Director, Mobile Crisis Service.

Dr. Levine is also Medical Director of the Bronx Health Home, led by Bronx-Lebanon. It is designed to provide coordination of care for high need patients with both medical and mental health conditions. With over 100 constituent organizations, the Bronx Health Home is considered as one of the most successful in New York State. Its efforts involve interdisciplinary teams working together to help patients with their myriad concerns, be they health, mental health, or social service related.

“We recognize the importance of providing our patients with highly specialized care and an environment that promotes full recovery,” stated Raymond Esteves, Assistant Vice President, Clinical Services, Psychiatry.

“Just as important as healing the body is healing the mind. Our psychiatric programs are clearly succeeding in addressing the mental health needs of the community.”

—Dr. Jeffrey Levine, Chairman, Psychiatry