BronxCare Health System

2017 Community Service Plan Update

BronxCare Health System’s Community Service Plan Update puts forward its significant progress in the two priority areas—Prevention of Chronic Disease and Mental Health/Substance Abuse that were identified in the hospital’s previous 2016 Community Service Plan. It describes many of the successful hospital initiatives and accomplishments in these two priority areas.

In looking to the future, BronxCare Health System, as a Performing Provider System (PPS) lead in New York State’s Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) Program, is successfully moving forward in adapting to a population health mandate and value based payment system, where keeping patients and the community healthy is the primary objective. In conjunction with our DSRIP partners, we will continue to improve health outcomes for the Bronx community.

At BronxCare, Performance Matters, performance for our patients, their families, our employees, and the community.