BronxCare Health System

Board Oversight/Patient Notification/Staff Training

• The Chief Financial Officer shall report to the Board annually or as otherwise requested, regarding the implementation of this Policy. The Board will ensure that the Policy is patient-centered, improves access to care, and assures that no patient will be denied health care services due to an inability to pay.

• Patients should be notified of this Policy as part of the admission package for inpatients and when registering for outpatient/clinic services and elective procedures

• Notices should be posted in conspicuous locations (e.g., Patient Access, Patient Financial Services, Emergency room, billing office and All out-patient clinic sites – including principal waiting rooms. Information supplied to patients regarding this Policy should be available in the patient’s primary language.

• The Institution’s bill for medical services should provide patients with basic information regarding this Policy and how to apply for Financial Aid or Charity Care. Patients should be encouraged to request information regarding this Policy.