Bronx-Lebanon Health System

Collection Proceedings

This policy will:

  • Prohibit the forced sale of or foreclosure on the patient’s primary residence
  • Note:  Liens on the primary residence would continue to be allowed
  • Prohibit sending an account to collection if the patient has submitted a completed application for financial assistance, including any required documentation, while the application is pending.
  • Provide written notification to a patient at least 30 days before an account is sent to collection. Written notice could be included on a bill.
  • Require the collection agency to have the hospital’s written consent prior to starting a legal action for collection.
  • Require general hospital staff that interact with patients or have responsibility for billing and collection to be trained in the hospital’s policies.
  • Require any collection agency under contract with the hospital to follow the hospital’s financial assistance policy and provide information to patients on how to apply, where appropriate.
  • Prohibit collection activity if the patient is determined eligible for Medicaid for the services that were rendered and the hospital is able to collect Medicaid payment.