BronxCare Health System

BronxCare Health System: General Overview

BronxCare is the largest voluntary, not-for-profit health and teaching hospital system serving the South and Central Bronx, with 859 beds and more than 4,500 employees. Its two main hospital divisions, comprehensive psychiatric and chemical dependency programs, long-term care facility, and extensive outpatient network are delivering the highest quality and accessible services to the community. BronxCare is now among the largest providers of outpatient services in New York City, with close to one million visits annually. Its ER is one of the busiest in New York.

Concourse Division Campus, including hospital division (left), and Health and Wellness Center (right).
Concourse Division Campus, including hospital division (left), and Health and Wellness Center (right).
Fulton Division.
Fulton Division.
Bronx-Lebanon Life Recovery Center (front view), and Special Care Center (left).
BronxCare Life Recovery Center (front view), and BronxCare Special Care Center (left).

In 2021, BronxCare Health System received full accreditation from the Joint Commission, the leading accrediting authority for hospitals in the nation. Its medical school affiliation with the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and Clinical Collaboration with the Mount Sinai Health System, as well as 16 accredited residency and fellowship programs, are strong indicators of excellence. BronxCare’s outpatient practices are also certified as a Level Three Patient-Centered Medical Home (the highest designation) by the National Committee for Quality Assurance.

During the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic to the present, BronxCare has devoted its efforts to ensuring the highest level of care and safety to patients, employees, and the community. The COVID-19 pandemic presented a challenge, and BronxCare’s nurses, physicians, and employees responded to it with heroism, resilience, and success, while also providing a full range of medical services to the non-COVID patient population. Comprehensive COVID-19 testing and vaccination programs were also implemented at numerous locations throughout the BronxCare Campus to address the needs of employees, patients, and the community.

As an engine for positive change, BronxCare has infused more than $300 million into the Bronx economy, including a 10,000 square foot state-of-the-art Cancer Facility, Linear Accelerator, Health and Wellness Center for outpatient care, BronxCare Life Recovery Center for chemical dependency services, Interventional Radiology Suite, and numerous other capital projects.

The importance of fulfilling BronxCare’s essential community role is evident throughout the Bronx. Its staff regularly provides free checkups, screenings, and nutritional counseling at schools, nursing homes, senior citizen centers, churches, and other community organizations. A Diaspora Practice is also responding to the health and social service needs of the growing African community.

In the educational area, BronxCare’s innovative Apprenticeship Program, a collaborative effort with the 1199SEIU Labor Union and other key organizations, is widely recognized for its success in recruiting and training frontline health care workers to effectively reach out to the community. BronxCare’s Mobile Health Units are also bringing physicians and medical services directly into the community.

It is noteworthy and especially significant in the current environment that the BronxCare Health System has maintained a strong bottom line position.

Ultimately, a health care system must be judged by its accomplishments. At the BronxCare Health System, we are proud of our successful efforts to deliver the highest quality, comprehensive, compassionate, and accessible services by leading the way in Caring for the Bronx.

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