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Health Equity at BronxCare Health System

Health Equity at BronxCare is about ensuring that all our patients achieve the best possible health outcomes regardless of race, ethnicity, language preference, gender identity, sexual orientation, or any other individual characteristics.

We are committed to identifying inequalities and putting strategies in place to address them. Here at BronxCare, quality care is tailored to meet the individual needs of our patients. We believe that quality patient-centered care is always equitable care.

Dr. Suneel Parikh, Director, Health Equity
Dr. Suneel Parikh, Director, Health Equity

What is “We Ask Because We Care”?

We Ask Because We Care is a way for us to know our patients better. As a result, BronxCare staff including those at the front desk and members of the care team may ask questions related to Race, Ethnicity, Language, Sexual Orientation, and Gender Identity to meet patient needs. The information shared is confidential and protected by the law. It is kept in your medical record. The answers give us more information about our diverse patient population and help us support programs that improve the quality of care we provide to each patient.

What are the Root Causes of Health Inequities?

Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) are frequently identified as root causes of disparities in health outcomes. Identifying SDOH can be critical for designing patient-centered care plans. Examples of SDOH in our community include Food Insecurity, Housing Insecurity, Transportation Needs. Interpersonal Safety, Lack of Education, and Difficulty in Paying for Utilities.

Our care team members are trained in screening, identifying, and addressing the SDOH for patients.