BronxCare Health System

May 3, 2021

United Hospital Fund Honors Dr. Dave Livingstone with its Excellence in Health Care Award

Dr. Dave Livingstone, Chairman, Anesthesiology, was selected by the United Hospital Fund for its prestigious Excellence in Health Care Award. This award which recognizes Quality Improvement Champions was presented to him and honorees from other hospitals at a May 3rd Virtual Event. For Dr. Livingstone, the award was based on his successful response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, as well as accomplishments in leading BronxCare’s Department of Anesthesiology.

From the very beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Dr. Livingstone and the Anesthesiology Team were actively involved, along with the Respiratory Therapy Team, in intubating many of the COVID patients and providing essential support in the Operating Room. Upwards of 40 patients were intubated daily, significantly higher than the pre-COVID average of three or less per day.

At BronxCare, Dr. Livingstone has succeeded in expanding the level of anesthesia management. BronxCare’s Department of Anesthesiology now offers a diverse array of leading technologies in regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain Management. “My team is an integral part of a major teaching hospital, and we are providing high-level anesthesia care with patient safety and positive outcomes of utmost importance,” stated Dr. Livingstone.

Originally from Jamaica, Dr. Livingstone’s family immigrated to the United States following his graduation from high school. He first learned about the need for medical intervention from his father’s internist who was from Nigeria and led many medical missions there. Dr. Livingston’s father was also an active member in the community and lived a life of service to others. “My father inspired me to carry on his legacy by continuing to care for those in need, whether abroad, in the United States, or at BronxCare,” stated Dr. Livingstone. As a result, Dr. Livingstone often spends his free time on medical missions to developing areas, such as Nigeria, Haiti, and Jamaica. He also continues to apply his philosophy at BronxCare—namely, that strong, decisive leadership and teamwork are essential to achieving success now and in the future.