BronxCare Health System

HealthBeat Television Programs

HealthBeat is a LIVE, half-hour, weekly television program that has evolved into a very popular information vehicle for the Bronx community. An important feature of HealthBeat is the opportunity for viewers to call in with questions or even enter into a dialogue with the panelists.


11/29/17 | Pain Management, including Addressing the Opioid Crisis
(Dr. Doug Reich, Chairman, Family Medicine; Mike Sledzinski, Practice Administrator, Comprehensive Pain and Integrative Health Practice)

10/31/17 | Identification and Treatment of Heart Problems
(Dr. Timothy J. Vittorio, Director, Attending Physician, Cardiac Care Unit)

06/26/17 | Apprenticeship Program Caring for the Community/ Providing Career Advancement
(Dr. Doug Reich, Chairman, Family Medicine; Courtney Dower, Manager, Apprenticeship Program; Rebecca Hall, Assistant Director, 1199 Training & Employment Funds)

06/19/17 | Apprenticeship Program Caring for the Community/ Providing Career Advancement
(Dr. Doug Reich, Chairman, Family Medicine)

06/12/17 | Treatment of Hand & Wrist | Finger Injuries & Issues
(Dr. Fillip Findling, Attending Surgeon, Dept. of Orthopaedics)

03/13/17 | Diabetes and Its Impact
(Diana Malkin-Washeim, Ph.D, Director, Nutritional Services/ Diabetes Coordinator; Dr. Charnicia Huggins, Clinical Pharmacist; Vita Tambone, Registered Dietician)

06/05/17 | Strokes: Diagnosis & Treatment
(Dr. Manjeet Dhallu, Neurology Specialist; Steven Gottesfeld, Director, Quality Improvement, Emergency Medicine)

05/15/17 | Foot Problems and How to Address Them
(Dr. David Wong, DPM, Co-Director, Foot Surgery/Wound Management, Orthopedics; Dr. Joanna Ayoub, DPM, Co-Director, Foot Surgery/Wound Management, Orthopedics

02/27/17 | Medical Practices for Individuals Traveling Abroad
(Dr. Paul Kelly, Director, Center for Travel Medicine)

02/06/17 | Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease- COPD
(Dr. Trupti Vakde, Attending Physician, Pulmonary)

05/23/16 | Asthma: Treatment and Prevention
(Gilda Diaz-Fuentes, Chief, Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care; Dr. Misbahuddin Khaja, Attending, Pulmonary and Critical Care; Eboni Lowe, Practice Administrator, Adult Medical Practice)

02/01/16 | Stroke: Prevention, Treatment, and Rehabilitation
(Dr. Manjeet Dhallu, Neurologist)

11/23/15  |  Health Care Services for Children and Teenagers
(Dr. Peter Sherman, Chairman, Pediatrics)

03/23/15  |  Diseases of the Blood Vessels- Arteries & Veins
(Dr. Andrea Hendrzak, Vascular Surgeon)

03/02/15  |  Ear, Nose, and Throat Problems
(Dr. Walter Ralph, Jr., Acting Chairman, Ear, Nose, Throat)

04/14/14  |  Women's Health Issues
(Dr. Tajudeen Dabiri, Director, Gynecology)