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Achieving Successful Outcomes for Breast Cancer through Early Detection and Treatment

Breast Cancer is one of the most common cancers in women. One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetime, with the highest incidence rates occurring in women over the age of 40, as well as those with a family history.

The good news is that today, with early detection and advances in the field, breast cancer can be treated successfully. In fact, 98 percent of women whose breast cancer is discovered in its earliest stages and treated appropriately, will lead full and healthy lives.

At the BronxCare Breast Cancer Center, we are achieving successful outcomes for our patients by providing advanced screening and diagnosis, as well as comprehensive, compassionate, and high quality care.
Dr. Ajay Shah comforting patient.
Dr. Ajay Shah comforting patient.

We offer a new and totally modern facility where the needs of patients and their families always come first.

Our expert and experienced team of surgeons, radiologists, oncologists, nurses, and social workers, as well as nutritionists and staff, truly understand the needs of women in our community.

Treatment options include chemo, hormonal, and radiation therapies, as well as surgery, when necessary, and easy access to BronxCare Health System’s wide range of primary and specialty services at the inpatient and outpatient levels.

BronxCare Breast Care Center, 199 Mt. Eden Parkway, Bronx, New York 10457

For more information or an appointment, call (718) 99-BRONX (718.992.7669).

Marta Sales, Nurse Practitioner, Surgery, preparing patient for examination.
Marta Sales, Nurse Practitioner, Surgery, preparing patient for examination.