BronxCare Health System

Georgia Connell

Director, Patient Care Services, Ambulatory Care

As Director, Patient Care Services, Ambulatory Care, Georgia Connell, RN, has made progressive and dynamic change an essential part of her leadership philosophy. Since joining the BronxCare Health System in 2011, Ms. Connell has worked towards and succeeded in firmly establishing a team model for delivering care. It is an approach based on a private practice model, where collaboration and a user-friendly environment result in a positive patient experience. Ms. Connell was also instrumental in developing and enhancing the role of Medical Assistants. This position has become an essential part of an organizational approach directed towards expediting the registration process and facilitating patient flow, as well as effectively collaborating with medical providers and nurses. During the 2017 Joint Commission Survey, the outpatient areas received strong commendations for quality care provided and no citations, a tribute to Ms. Connell’s leadership.

The future looks bright for Ms. Connell and her staff. “Our goal is to maximize the use of Medical Assistants. These types of employees can do it all, from the registration to discharge process in our primary care practices,” stated Ms. Connell. The Ambulatory leadership team is also striving to reinforce and improve customer satisfaction. To that end, Ms. Connell is spearheading a Patient Care Initiative to address care delivery concerns and improve channels of communication. “It’s all about team-based care, and that is our recipe for success in achieving best practice models,” stated Ms. Connell.

Where did it all begin for Ms. Connell? She graduated from York Hospital in Pennsylvania and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Health Care from St. Joseph’s College in Maine. After receiving her Masters of Public Administration in Health Care Administration from Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey, Ms. Connell worked for 24 years at Englewood Hospital. There, she held management positions, including Clinical Nurse Supervisor and Special Project Manager. She then worked at North Central Bronx Hospital for the next eight years, advancing to become its Deputy Director of Nursing. Ms. Connell served in key administrative positions at Interfaith Medical Center, prior to joining the BronxCare Health System. She is also certified by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), as a Nurse Executive.

“It’s all about team-based care, and that is our recipe for success in achieving best practice models.”

—Georgia Connell