BronxCare Health System

Theresa Uva

Director, Medical Surgical, Maternal Child Health & Outpatient Oncology

As Director, Medical Surgical, Maternal Child Health & Outpatient Oncology, Theresa Uva is responsible for many of the hospital’s key patient care areas. Her overall efforts are directed to establishing a best practice organizational culture for her nursing staff, and we are clearly succeeding in this endeavor. “Our emphasis is always targeted to providing high quality, safe, and compassionate care,” stated Ms. Uva. She especially enjoys working with a health care team whose goals are centered around providing excellent care to the community.  “It is an environment where our physicians are respectful of nurses and where  it is easy to communicate with employees at all levels,” stated Ms. Uva.

Working collaboratively with the Nursing IT Department, Ms. Uva is enhancing and refining nursing documentation to emulate a best practices approach. She is also especially proud of her efforts to educate pediatric nurses in telemetry, which has translated into an improved understanding related to accepting cardiac cases into the pediatric intensive care unit. In addition, as a result of her efforts, all oncology nurses have passed their chemotherapy biotherapy certificate course of the Oncology Nurses Society, thereby giving them the knowledge needed to administer chemotherapy safely.

As part of her responsibilities, Ms. Uva is actively involved with the OB/GYN team in helping mothers achieve a healthy pregnancy and delivery, as well as continually following up with their newborn infant. She also mentors her Patient Care Managers in leadership skills. “We have to prepare the next generation of nurses for the challenges ahead and give them the incentive to pursue higher education and career advancement,” stated Ms. Uva.

Ms. Uva began her nursing career at the age of 16, when she enrolled at Long Island College Hospital School of Nursing in Brooklyn. Two years later, she began her career as a nurse and then served in diverse clinical areas for the next 19 years at Long Island College Hospital. With a passion for continuing her education, Ms. Uva earned her Master’s degree in Administration. Shortly thereafter, she became a Nurse Educator at New York Downtown Hospital and was soon promoted to Director for its Outpatient Practices and Employee Health Services. She subsequently joined BronxCare in 2015.

"I am a people person, which has made nursing at BronxCare the natural fit for me."

—Theresa Uva