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Photo: Dr. Dave Livingstone, Chairman, Anesthesiology (seated), and Anesthesiology team members.

Dr. Dave Livingstone, Chairman, Anesthesiology (seated), and Anesthesiology team members.



Crucial to the Surgical Process

Dr. Dave Livingstone, Chairman, Anesthesiology, is especially proud of the partnership between BronxCare and North American Partners in Anesthesia (NAPA), the largest single-specialty anesthesia and perioperative Management Company in the United States. This partnership is providing BronxCare with an expanded level of Anesthesia care and Anesthesia related management services. NAPA is widely recognized for its strong network of physicians and nurse anesthetists who utilize their extensive experience to meet the needs of the hospitals served by them. “NAPA places special emphasis on patient safety and outcomes and offers efficient and cost-effective quality health care, while yielding optimal perioperative outcomes,” stated Dr. Livingstone.

Patient safety and value generation are of paramount importance to the Anesthesia Department.

“We strive every day to provide our patients with exceptional Anesthesia service and experience. Our program improvements are clearly visible, and we are continuing to move forward and excel, as evidenced by the improvement in operational dynamics."

—Dr. Dave Livingstone, Chairman, Anesthesiology

In addition to Anesthesia Services provided within the Operating Room and procedural suites, Dr. Livingstone’s clinical team offers a diverse array of leading techniques in Regional Anesthesia and acute pain management, providing a comprehensive and multimodal approach to treating and managing acute perioperative pain. In the Orthopaedic arena, patients can undergo total joint replacement surgery using state-of-the art ultrasound-guided peripheral nerve block techniques, with the benefits of improved pain control and increased patient satisfaction. This type of procedure is part of an evidence-based multimodal, narcotic-sparing approach to managing pain. These evidence-based ERAS (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery) protocols are also being introduced and expanded to other surgical services.

An important endeavor involves the reorganization of the pre-surgical testing clinic into the model of a perioperative surgical home. Working with Medical, Surgical, and Nursing leadership, the department is developing a comprehensive goal-directed testing model. It will significantly enhance the quality of care provided to surgical patients and is expected to result in more accurate risk stratification, with improved and more comprehensive preparation of surgical patients. This process is fundamental in effectively managing an operating room and optimizing patient outcomes.

“It is clear that BronxCare is benefiting from our services, with collaboration the key to our success. We are an integral part of a major teaching hospital that is providing much needed high level care to a diverse and vibrant community, and that is a strong motivating factor for us.”

—Dr. Dave Livingstone, Chairman, Anesthesiology

Michelle Marr-Scudder, RN, Anesthesia, preparing medication for patient.
Michelle Marr-Scudder, RN, Anesthesia, preparing medication for patient.