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Dr. Rene Elkin, Chief, Division of Neurology, examining patient.


Neurology, Physical Medicine, & Rehabilitation Services

The often serious consequences of strokes are being addressed by the Department’s Division of Neurology, through its 911 Designated Stroke Center in the ER. The Stroke Center is the recipient of the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association’s prestigious “Honor Roll Elite” and “Gold Plus Achievement” designations, a further indicator of BronxCare’s strong commitment to delivering advanced stroke treatment to patients. “Our staff is providing the necessary intervention and often succeeding in reversing the serious consequences of stroke,” stated Dr. Manjeet Dhallu, Attending, Neurology.

The Neurology division, under the direction of Dr. Rene Elkin, offers expert care for migraine headaches and other neurological problems. BronxCare is also providing important leadership in the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis. Its program is the only one in the Bronx recognized by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Dr. Marshall Kurtz, Chief, Division of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, instructing patient.

For many patients, rehabilitation programs are an essential part of their care. BronxCare's Rehabilitation Center, under the direction of Dr. Marshall Kurtz, provides patients with the necessary follow-up to maximize their mobility.

"By restoring mobility and function, our experienced therapists are improving their patients' quality of life."

—Dr. Marshall Kurtz, Chief, Division of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation