Family Medicine Team Members (standing, L to R): Rudolf Toussaint, RN, and Mary Darko, Nurse Attendant. (Seated, L to R): Jose Saez, Patient Care Technician, and Brandon Salley, Administrative Assistant.
Dr. Doug Reich, Chairman, Dr. Jose Tiburcio, Vice Chairman/Residency Program Director, and COVID-19 Testing Heroes at Fulton Campus testing location.

Central to the Department’s pursuit of its mission and values is its devotion to outreach in the Bronx community.


Innovation—Create new solutions that continuously advance patient care.

Excellence—Work efficiently, utilizing the highest and most up-to-date standards of care.

Individualized Care—Take a culturally competent approach to the whole person and the whole family.

Social Responsibility—Become the force for positive change in the diverse communities served.

Integrity—Through self-reflection and mutual respect, learn from mistakes and use these lessons to improve future performance.

Education—Teach and learn from other team members in the spirit of lifelong inquiry.

Nurturing—Advance and promote a culture of diversity, growth, transparency, and holistic care to patients and their families, as well as staff and trainees.

Collaboration—Work together toward a common vision and value the contributions of all team members within the hospital, department, and community of partners.