BronxCare Health System

Dr. Joshua Auerbach, Chief, Spine Surgery, Orthopaedics, performing microscopic spinal surgery. He is assisted by Vladimir Martinez, Surgical Technician.


Back Pain & Spine Surgery

BronxCare’s Orthopaedic team is achieving positive results for patients with serious back problems. The spine surgery program is the first in BronxCare’s history. Coordinating care with nonsurgical specialists in the areas of back therapy, spinal injections, and pain management, Dr. Joshua Auerbach, Chief, Spine Surgery, and Dr. Jeffrey Knox (who was most recently a Major and Chief of Spine and Neurosurgery Service for the United States Army at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany) are doing everything possible to relieve neck and back pain, as well as treat deformities of the spine. When surgery is necessary, patients have available to them a totally modern spine operating room with the most advanced equipment. This group is also among the top specialists in their field and are highly experienced in the use of microscopic spinal technologies.