BronxCare Health System

Dr. Cynthia Lewis, Chief, Adolescent Medicine, Pediatrics, examining patient at BronxCare Third Avenue Practice.


Outpatient Services

A medical home for the children and adolescents in the community is offering general pediatric services at four BronxCare outpatient sites. In addition to pediatric care, nutritional and mental health services are core to the services provided. Unique aspects of specialty care include “Sugar Babies” that provide regular support for pediatric patients with diabetes and their parents, through monthly meetings and outings. The Autism Support Group continues to receive significant attention for its provision of monthly parent support gatherings. Its Healthy Steps Program, funded through the New York State Department of Mental Health, provides screening and referral of young children for behavioral and developmental issues, as well as offers parental support.

A recent grant from the New York State Department of Health is enabling the pediatric staff to successfully transition adolescents with sickle cell to adult care, and the Department of Pediatrics was recently awarded the continuation of a grant also from the New York State Department of Health that helps adolescents in the South Bronx prepare for adulthood. In fact, the Department of Pediatrics continues to receive more than $1 million in NIH funding to support children and adolescents with HIV, as well as prevent infections in teenagers.

At the BronxCare Third Avenue Practice, adolescents can access confidential reproductive health and gynecological services. BronxCare’s participation in the Medicaid Family Planning Benefit Program is also enabling teenagers to apply for health insurance coverage, on their own, to cover their reproductive health issues.