BronxCare Health System

Dr. Yudhistira Persaud, Attending, Pediatrics, with patient at BronxCare at Poe Medical and Dental Practice.


Pediatric Asthma Center

BronxCare’s Pediatric Asthma Center is providing a breath of fresh air for children suffering from this disease. Asthma rates in the Bronx are among the highest in the nation, with almost one in four children affected. The Asthma Center’s Pulmonologist, Allergist, Pediatricians, and outreach staff are helping patients and families gain control over the disease. Funding from BronxCare’s DSRIP (Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment) Program is also enhancing education through an outreach team of nurses and community health educators that provide home visits and home environmental assessments. Patients are monitored for medication adherence, especially with sentinel events, such as ER visits or inpatient admissions. BronxCare’s leadership of the South Bronx Asthma Partnership (SOBRAP), a coalition of community groups, is also contributing to improved health education in the community. This work has significantly decreased avoidable inpatient asthma admissions.