BronxCare Health System

Pharmacy Team
Larry Schiller, Directory, Pharmacy (Retired; second row, third from left), and Dr. Kyoung-Sil Kang, Assistant Director, Pharmacy (first row, third from left), with Pharmacy Team.

Department of Pharmacy

BronxCare’s Department of Pharmacy consists of highly trained Clinical Pharmacists, Staff Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technicians, and Support Staff. It delivers pharmaceutical care to hospital inpatients and nursing home residents, as well as the BronxCare Network of Outpatient Practices. Pharmacists provide expert 24-hour drug-information services and perform therapeutic drug monitoring on a daily basis. BronxCare’s Pharmacy department is also one of the most technologically advanced in New York City.

Automated and robotic systems serve to enhance patient safety and minimize medication errors. The Pharmacy Department works closely with the Department of Nursing to ensure that the use of bedside barcode scanning is performed prior to medications being administered to patients. State-of-the-art automated medication dispensing and management systems enable BronxCare’s pharmacists to focus on order verification and problem solving while preventing unnecessary delays to patient care. In addition, a manual daily list of medications is provided to inpatients to promote medication safety and increase medication understanding. The Department of Pharmacy also participates in Pharmacy and Therapeutics (P&T) Committees and Subcommittees and collaborates with other departments throughout the health system on guidelines, policies, and procedures that support appropriate medication ordering, use, monitoring, and understanding.

Oncology Pharmacists Eric Boateng and Sonjela Bulku
Oncology Pharmacists Eric Boateng and Sonjela Bulku