All applicants are reviewed equally. Each applicant’s individual strengths should be highlighted. Accepted categorical positions should be in the 90th percentile in steps with no failure.

•   Step 1: 1st time pass
•   Step 2: 1st time pass
•   Step 2 CS: 1st time pass
•   Step 3: Preferred but not required (necessary if applying for H1B Visa)
•   Graduation Date Requirements: Preferred, less than 10 years
•   IMG accepted
•   Visa Sponsorship: J-1, H1-B
•   Dean’s Letter
•   Letters: 3 preferred. If completed U.S. residency, letter from Program Director.
•   U.S. Residency: Not required

William Lois, M.D., Chairman
Ajay Shah, M.D., Program Director
Matthew Furman, M.D., Associate Program Director
Gabrielle Vega, Program Coordinator

If you have further questions, please contact Gabrielle Vega, Program Coordinator, 718-960-1216.