All applicants are reviewed equally. Each applicant’s individual strengths should be highlighted. Accepted categorical positions should be in the 90th percentile in steps with no failure.

•   Step 1: 1st time pass
•   Step 2: 1st time pass
•   Step 2 CS: 1st time pass
•   Step 3: Preferred but not required (necessary if applying for H1B Visa)
•   Graduation Date Requirements: Preferred, less than 10 years
•   IMG accepted
•   Visa Sponsorship: J-1, H1-B
•   Dean’s Letter
•   Letters: 3 preferred. If completed U.S. residency, letter from Program Director.
•   U.S. Residency: Not required

William Lois, M.D., Chairman
Ajay Shah, M.D., Program Director
Matthew Furman, M.D., Associate Program Director
Gabrielle Vega, Program Coordinator, 718-960-1216

If you have further questions, please contact Gabrielle Vega, Program Coordinator, 718-960-1216.