Dr. Jonathan Marder, Director, Labor and Delivery, examining pregnant mother.
Whirlpool delivery birthing spa suite.

At BronxCare, pregnant women always have available to them the luxuries needed to make the birthing experience a pleasant, relaxing, and positive one. A Birthing Spa, which offers the option of whirlpool delivery baths (the only one in the Bronx), is relieving the strain of birth.

Our OB Anesthesia team is also helping patients experience as close to a painless delivery as possible. Less stress on pregnant mothers can lead to an easier delivery.

A 24-hour pregnancy hotline, which provides immediate consultation, continues to be most effective in reaching out to “mothers-to-be” and responding to their needs.

We encourage you to visit the Birthing Spa and meet with our expert and experienced staff. Please contact Jessica Fernandez at (718) 239-8375 to schedule a tour.

High Risk Obstetrics

Dr. George Mussalli, Director, Maternal Fetal Medicine.
Dr. George Mussalli, Director, Maternal Fetal Medicine.

The Women’s Health Center High Risk Obstetrics program, led by Dr. George Mussalli, is responding to pregnancies that pose difficult challenges. The goals of the program are clear—to do whatever is medically necessary to deliver a healthy baby. In complicated pregnancies, caesarean sections often become the surgical method used in the delivery process. Dr. Andrzej Riess and Dr. Jonathan Marder are highly experienced obstetricians and specialists in performing this procedure.

Approximately 60 percent of deliveries at BronxCare are classified as high risk. Many are pregnant women with gestational diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, thyroid disease, and numerous other medical conditions that can complicate a pregnancy. Teen pregnancies are among the most difficult. As a result, young mothers and their babies are at an even higher risk for a multitude of medical problems, including premature births, fetal growth retardation, and sexually transmitted diseases. The Women’s Health Center, through its Adolescent and Family Planning programs, is continuing to help teenagers understand these difficult issues.

OB/GYN staff completing delivery of newborn by caesarean section.
OB/GYN staff completing delivery of newborn by caesarean section.

Obstetric Ultrasound

The Advanced Obstetric Ultrasound Unit and Maternal Fetal Medicine Division provide Obstetricians with a detailed fetal anatomy, which enables congenital malformations and other potential problems to be visualized and diagnosed. As a result, the appropriate management and necessary actions can then be immediately put into place.

Reproductive Genetics

The Reproductive Genetics program focuses on education and detection of genetic disorders. Under the leadership of Dr. Magdalen Hull, Director, Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, innovative treatment for reproductive endocrinologic disorders and infertility is performed.

Other Obstetrics Services We Provide:

The goals of the
high risk pregnancy program are clear;
to do whatever is medically necessary to deliver a healthy baby.