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Dr. Doug Reich, Chairman, Family Medicine, with his patients, a mother and her child.


Family Medicine

Changing Health Care in the Bronx, One Patient at a Time

The Department of Family Medicine is a dynamic department with a progressive mission. It is committed to providing excellent, comprehensive, and continuous primary care, as well as outstanding medical education and community-based health research. Central to the Department’s pursuit of its mission and values is the devotion to outreach within the community.

“The poor health statistics in the South Bronx drive us to truly want to make a difference in each and every patient, family, and neighborhood with which we connect.”

—Dr. Doug Reich, Chairman, Family Medicine

Ongoing collaboration with community-based organizations and services allow for the development of new initiatives and expansion of existing programs, as well as improved delivery of health services and research opportunities. The Family Medicine Community Health Worker (CHW) program and the Claremont Healthy Village Initiative exemplify the department’s community and home-based health care efforts.

Dr. Jose Tiburcio, Attending, Family Medicine, reviewing information with patient.
Dr. Jose Tiburcio, Attending, Family Medicine, reviewing information with patient.

Family Medicine Values

Innovation – Create new solutions that continuously advance patient care.

Excellence – Work efficiently, utilizing the highest and most up-to-date standards of care.

Individualized Care – Take a culturally competent approach to the whole person and the whole family.

Social Responsibility – Become the force for positive change in the diverse communities served.

Integrity – Through self-reflection and mutual respect, learn from mistakes and use these lessons to improve future performance.

Education – Teach and learn from other team members in the spirit of lifelong inquiry.

Nurturing – Advance and promote a culture of diversity, growth, transparency, and holistic care to patients and their families, as well as staff and trainees.

Collaboration – Work together toward a common vision and value the contributions of all team members within the hospital, department, and community of partners.

Family Medicine Clinical Services and Programs:

Family Medicine Inpatient Service

Employee Health Service

Family Wellness Center

Ogden Family Health Center

MBD Family Health Center

Crotona Park Family Health Center

Fulton Family Medicine Health Center

Comprehensive Pain and Integrative Health Center

Family Medicine Special Clinical Programs:

Pain Management, Integrated Health, HIV Care, and Hepatitis C and B Care

Community Health Worker Program

Prenatal/Obstetrics/Women’s Health

Procedures Clinic


Intensive Wellness

Addiction Medicine

LGBT Services

Osteopathic Manipulation Treatment

Group and Individual Therapy

Nutrition Education

Behavioral Science Services

Healing Center Services

Mental Health Services/Collaborative Practice

Home Visit Program

Claremont Health Village Initiative

HIV Viral Lead Suppression Action Team

Reach Out and Read

Health Leads

Population Health