BronxCare Health System

Dr. Martin Mayers, Chairman, Ophthalmology, performing cornea evaluation using Oculus Pentacam equipment.



A Healthy Vision for the Future

BronxCare Health System’s Department of Ophthalmology is fulfilling its goal of offering the highest quality of eye care to the Bronx Community. A full spectrum of adult and pediatric eye care services are now provided, including:

• Cataract Surgery
• Corneal Diseases and Transplants
• Contact Lens Services
• General Eye Care
• Glaucoma: Medical, Surgical, and Laser Treatment
• Low Vision Therapy
• Oculoplastic Surgery
• Pediatric Eye Care and Strabismus Surgery
• Neuro-Ophthalmology
• Retina: Medical, Surgical, and Laser Treatment
• Diabetic Retinopathy, Macular Degeneration
• Uveitis and Ocular Inflammation

In the Women’s Health area, Dry Eye Disease is a particularly common and disturbing condition affecting women more than men. With the use of preservative free artificial tears, cyclosporine eye drops, and related procedures, most women experience relief. Recently, lifitegrast, the first and currently only lymphocyte function-associated antigen 1 antagonist was approved by the FDA for Dry Eye Disease and is now available at BronxCare Health System.


Dr. Pearl Rosenbaum, Attending, Ophthalmology, preparing equipment for eye exam.
Dr. Pearl Rosenbaum, Attending, Ophthalmology, preparing equipment for eye exam.

At the Department of Ophthalmology’s main Concourse location, the latest in diagnostic eye technology is available:

• Heidelberg Spectralis OCT Plus—for retinal and glaucoma diseases
• Optos 200Tx widefield retina camera with autofluorescence and fluorescein angiography
• Oculus Pentacam HR—for three dimensional analysis of the cornea and anterior segment
• Espion Profile ERG, MFERG, EOG, VEP—for electrodiagnostic testing
• Zeiss IOLMaster—for intraocular lens calculations in patients with cataracts

In addition to its Concourse location, BronxCare Health System’s eye care team provides primary eye care at the BronxCare Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Health Center, BronxCare at Third Avenue, and BronxCare at Poe outpatient practices.

Dr. Tybee Eleff, Attending, Ophthalmology, checking vision of patient.
Dr. Tybee Eleff, Attending, Ophthalmology, checking vision of patient.

BronxCare Health System’s Ophthalmology Residency Program, under the direction of Dr. Nathan Nataneli, is attracting top-tier medical students, and placing its graduates in highly sought-after fellowships. Additionally, Dr. Tybee Eleff assumed responsibility for the Optometry Residency. The following staff members were also added as part of a continuing effort to serve the community.

• Dr. Zimei Zhou—a Retina-Vitreous surgeon who returned to the BronxCare Health System
Dr. Shlomit Sandler—a Glaucoma Surgeon who completed a fellowship at Tufts University.
Danielle Crane, O.D.—a specialist in Pediatric Optometry. 

“We have a dedicated team of compassionate eye care professionals who provide our patients with the most advanced eye care through the use of state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic technology.”

—Dr. Martin Mayers, Chairman, Ophthalmology